ASAP Camp Safety Program (HD) – Training for Charedi and Orthodox camps 2023

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We are so excited that you are going to join us in creating an unforgettable experience this summer.

We chose you to be part of our staff because we trust you, and we know you will champion our campers’ safety above all else.

Our camp is a safe, abuse-free zone, and as the staff member with the closest and most continuous contact with campers, you are in a unique and crucial position to prevent abuse – by observing and enforcing safety protocols – and to stop it if it happens by reporting it.

To ensure the fun, safe, and abuse-free environment we are all expected to create, we require all our staff members to receive training and follow strict guidelines on the prevention of inappropriate interactions and harmful affection.

As a camp, we have our eyes open to look out for you and our campers, but we can’t emphasize enough how important your role is in this task – you are the front lines! We know you will rise to the occasion, and we’re here for you if you need support. Don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions or concerns on this matter.

Below this chapter, you have access to the counselor-training course. All camp staff are expected to take the course and pass the test.

Counselors are in the critical position of being role models for their campers and ensuring that they are physically and emotionally safe throughout the summer. ASAP’s Abuse-Prevention Program will train counselors on harmful affection, boundaries, signs for identifying inappropriate relationships, and the proper response to situations of abuse or suspected abuse. By learning and implementing this information, counselors will be able to help give campers the positive healthy experience they came for.

The course comprises the following components:

  • Four short videos addressing the basic information camp counselors need in order to ensure the safety of their campers.
  • Abuse prevention Codes of Conduct
  • A multiple-choice test based on information presented in the course/videos which is designed to help the counselors integrate the information learned through real camp scenarios.
  • Counselor certification.
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