Spirituality: Music Genres and Dress Code

Camp Simcha & Camp Simcha Special is an extraordinarily holy place. At camp, we aspire to conduct ourselves with a level of reverence and spirituality that is befitting this special environment. 

Surrounded by hundreds of children facing tremendous pain and incredibly difficult life challenges, Camp Simcha is the ideal place to connect to Hashem. The campers and Klal Yisroel are in need of our tefillos!

Camp and the extraordinary neshamos that we are entrusted with are holy.   Let us make sure our behaviors reflects that! All Camp Simcha & Camp Simcha Special staff members are expected to maintain a level of respect and sensitivity in these particular spiritual arenas: 

  • Music Genres
  • Dress Code
  • Minyan & Learning

We all love music. When playing music on any loudspeaker or personal speakers, we kindly request that you consider the religious sensitivities of those around you. No secular music is to be played.

There are many different people from different backgrounds coming together we ask you to adhere to this strictly.

Camp is holy, and let us make sure that our music reflects that. 

Here at Camp Simcha & Camp Simcha Special, we want you to dress up and get silly. Camp is a time for laughter and fun, and wearing costumes always contributes to that. 

  • Please be aware that what is fun and cute to you may be offensive to someone else. There have been cases where parents were uncomfortable leaving their children in camp because of a costume they noticed on a staff member. No cross-dressing is ever allowed. Please be sensitive.
  • A shirt, tzitzis and a yarmulka must be worn at all times, even to and from the pool. Please keep in mind there are women working in camp as well.
  • Everyone is expected to come to Tefilla in the proper attire. Costumes cannot be worn in shul on Shabbos.

Minyan & Learning

There are two minyanim for Shacharis, two minyanim for Mincha and multiple minyanim for Maariv. Davening with a minyan is not optional. Regardless of what you do all year, we must create the most pure and authentic environment. If you miss minyan, camp is not the same. Each and every one of you is instrumental in creating the vibe the boys have waited for a whole year. We have rotators set up to make sure everyone has an opportunity to daven with a minyan at one of the designated times. Please make sure you see the head counselors if there is an issue.

Camp has a fully stocked Beis Medrash with hundreds of sefarim. There are two official learning times in the day; one after breakfast and one, night seder. Additionally, there will be many other shiurim to take advantage of. Please do not let this summer bring you down in any which way. In fact, let it elevate you and those around you. 

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